Motorola Xoom – Android 3.1 Honeycomb Update startet Anfang August

Motorola XoomNach Acer hat sich heute auch Motorola zum Update auf Android 3.1 Honeycomb für das Motorola Xoom geäußert. Demnach wird das Honeycomb-Update Anfang August starten und sollte bis zum 9. August für alle europäischen Geräte zur Verfügung stehen:

Hi all,

Motorola collaborated with Google to develop the industry’s first Honeycomb tablet. Motorola XOOM and Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi in the US are Google Experience Devices. Software updates for these devices are developed by Google directly, so while Motorola XOOM users in the US may be the first to receive such updates, the updates only include what is provided by Google.

Motorola XOOM units in other regions are not Google Experience Devices. Because of this, Motorola has greater flexibility in providing software updates to these devices, including providing additional functionality that may not be included in the Google software updates.

Following our previous post regarding 3.1, we can now announce Android™ 3.1 for Motorola XOOM™ will soon be available over the air to all Motorola XOOM users in Europe. We expect the over-the-air deployment to begin in early August, with the package being available for pull by August 9th.

The most notable of the new enhancements, the 3.1 update activates the SD card slot so users can expand the memory of their Motorola XOOM up to 64GB, with the addition of a 32GB SD card (this feature not available until Android 3.2 in some markets). This update also includes improved multi-tasking, providing instant visual access to a large number of applications as well as resizable home screen widgets. More information on the update will be available once the release notes are finalised.


Nicht ganz so seltsam wie die Stellungnahme von Acer und immerhin nennt Motorola einen Termin. Aber wie man nun versucht schön zu reden, dass das US-Motorola Xoom als erstes in den Genuss des Updates gekommen ist …

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